Foreword by Michael Bergman

I have collected many books on the subject of Taiji, and find Taiji Demystified stands alone and consider it the Bible among them all. No serious student should be without this new classic. The following are some of the ways this book affected me.

  • Reading this book will save its readers years of wasted effort from incorrect learning.
  • This book can be used as a teaching tool. It gives my students and me the information we should be looking for while doing a form.
  • It’s a refresher course from our teacher, Shifu Park
  • For experienced players it can’t be read as a continuous read because it causes us to pause on every paragraph to dwell on those teachings.
  • Deep concepts are clearly spelled out, making them understandable.
  • It constantly reminds me of applying Taiji principles.
  • This book is so rich with information – one has to ingest it slowly – like candy.
  • It clearly explains why and how many things happen scientifically.
  • This book gives you the understanding of what we could be doing in making our lives more effective and profitable.
  • For me, Taiji is one of my greatest treasures. I want to share it with everyone I meet, thus, I’m so grateful to have this book to share with him or her, which shows why I love Taiji.

Michael Bergman is a proficient 20 year-plus taiji devote and teacher. Michael, not a huge man, is known for his ability to develop very powerful kinetic qi, while also having an extraordinary ability for not developing fulcrums that can be used by an opponent. He loves taiji. After receiving and reading this book he had so many positive comments that I asked him to write the Foreword.


Francis Yeung

"I loved reading your book!"

Andrew Dixon

“The author does an excellent job in getting his realizations across.”

Julia Bunch

“Interesting book with helpful content. I loved reading it.”

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About the Book

Taiji, in the most succinct terms, is a way of holistically and optimally in reacting with every aspect of life. In the martial art context, taiji is simply an ideal way by which the player finds comfort while efficiently propagating and delivering powerful forces to an opponent, while simultaneously gathering intelligence regarding his opponent’s every move, using his force against him. It’s a way to harmonize every aspect of your being – mind, spirit, body – into a unified flow, so that everything you do and think will be done more effectively, rapidly and comfortably. The more relaxed you become the better your taiji will be.

Taiji is a way of life: a never-ending perfection process.

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About the Author

He is a retired electrical designer from Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Laboratory and a taiji instructor who is interested in science and health. Thomas Lupich is the preceptor of the International Society of Seekers of the Truth.


Taiji (pronounced as “tie-jee”) is an excellent system of exercise characterized by spiraling, supple, lithe movements, but it is much more than just a mild exercise. Taiji can also be used as an effective martial art, moving meditation, a way by which blood, nerve, and lymph blockages can be reduced, as well as reducing needless tensions, thus improving health; a way to develop good balance and power, clearer thinking, smooth and more effective actions, and is even able to make one better looking. These are some of the benefits of practicing taiji, but they do not tell us what the essence of taiji is. read more

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